Monthly Archives: October 2013

Get Up Off Your Mat of Misery

When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, “Do you wish to get well?” John 5:6 (NASB)

blog-matA man was paralyzed and sick for thirty eight years. In John chapter 5 (John 5:2-9), it says he would lay by the pool called Bethesda and watch as hundreds of blind, sick, and lame people went into the water sick and came out healed. This man desperately longed for someone to carry him into the stirring waters so he too could be healed. Lying by the pool one day, Jesus saw him and asked, “Do you want to be healed?” Continue reading

Silent Words are Golden

Do you know a child who just can’t stop talking? They talk constantly at home, at school, and they talk too much “smack” with their friends. They feel that what they have to say needs to be heard regardless if it is good or bad. A child like this seems to stay in trouble because they refuse to control their words.

However, are we sometimes like this unrestrained child? When we are slighted by someone’s action or cut by someone’s words, we have a strong desire to put them back in their place. We make sure our words are heard and that our words are many. Continue reading

A Faith that Pleases God

Abraham waited many years for a son… the son God had promised. God made good on His promise and gave Abraham Isaac… but now God wanted Isaac back – now God wanted more of Abraham.

Remember the story in Genesis chapter 22, when God commanded Abraham to offer up his only son as a sacrifice? Abraham must have had some fears and doubts; however, his faith was stronger and bigger than his fears and doubts. So, Abraham moved forward in obedience and trusted the one true God. He made an altar, bound up his son Isaac, and raised up the knife to slay him as a sacrifice, but before the knife touched Isaac’s flesh… God miraculously provided another sacrifice. God saw Abraham’s steadfast faith and deep love for Him. Abraham sought to please God with all his heart and God was well pleased with Abraham’s faith. Continue reading