Monthly Archives: August 2014

Hope Story

I felt her pain as the bottom fell out of my friend’s marriage. I had been her accountability partner to help keep her responses godly while her spouse did as he pleased with issues such as pornography, poor money management, infrequent church attendance and refusal to accept wise counsel. Now, infidelity, and the marriage ended. Continue reading

Believe the Impossible!

Psalm 55 22Believe the impossible!

It’s easier said than done. I tend to keep my heart guarded – afraid to pray big because of silent fear. Afraid to challenge myself, afraid to really listen to God, afraid that He might take me someplace and . . . . I fail. Not because of His inadequacies but because of my sin tendencies.  It’s comfortable and safe to do the same secure thing. 

Too much little faith God! Please teach me. Continue reading